Our Vision is to foster digital connections between patients and industry stakeholders to achieve participatory healthcare.



 Our Mission:   CF

  • Serve the CF community with Technology to facilitate connection, learning, support and education.  
  • Create, enable and drive the technology innovations which can benefit the CF community, Patient, family and caregiver.
  • Help stakeholders find answers through community research and development and promote patient advocacy.
  • Work with industry professionals to improve care and learning.
  • Continue to build a positive community through empathy, education, example and experience.
  • Feel the “pulse” of the community and understand their needs. 





Questions we are continuously faced with:Stakeholders

  • What is in the future for ePatients?
  • What opportunities will present themselves for health industry stakeholders?
  • What is the recipe for success when it comes to engaging ePatients?
  • How can meaningful online engagements influence patients’ outcomes?
  • How can online technology make a difference for chronically ill patients?
  • How to engage ePatients in meaningful and productive ways?
  • Big data on diseases will greatly impact the future of medicine, however, it will likely continue to struggle with context and social problems. How do we best move forward with these challenges?



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